Hi, it's me,
Dmitry Anisimov.
Let me introduce myself.
who am I?
Everybody thinks I am a developer. I don’t think so. Yes, I can build you a web-site, a back-end for your application, a Telegram bot or something else. But it’s not my primary job. I think am a creator. I love creating services that make people’s lives easier or happier. And I do it.
any skills?
I am a Python and Kotlin developer. I use Docker and CircleCI for deploying projects, MongoDB, Postgres and Redis for storing data, ELK for working with logs, Grafana and Prometheus for analytics, Kafka and RabbitMQ for working with queues, Caddy and Nginx for proxying traffic and lots of other cool stuff for making fast, reliable and secure services.
I work at Yadda and all of their backends were made by me. I'll show you some of my loved projects. You can find more at yadda.io or in my Telegram channel.
- yli.ink. Really fast url shortener with Telegram bot, analytics and api. Thousands of links already shortened.
- @marfabot. Create your personal newsfeed from @themarfa Telegram channel using tags.
- themarfa's and FCK_RKN bot's Telegram proxies. Block detection, ips autorotation and autoscalable proxy clusters for high performance and availability.
- Nethealth. Internet freedom monitoring project. We aggregate data from partners's websites and monitor internet restrictions in Russia.
- OVD-Info. Since 2019 I work with OVD-Info. OVD-Info is an independent human rights media project that monitors political arrests. I make internal services, bots and other stuff.
Contact me via Telegram or email: [email protected].